Katja Janischewski

Bruchhöfen 4
27305 Bruchhausen Vilsen
Tel: + 49 4252 5018510



Key activities

Studies and Research - Project Design, Implementation and Management - Design and Implementation of approaches and tools (e.g.for employment promotion and good governance) - Design and Implementation of Multi-Stakeholder Dialogue Platforms
Elaboration of Project Proposals in Tender Procedures (EU/WB/National Governments)
Streamlining of procedures - Knowledge Management - Evaluations, Monitoring and Quality Management - Visibility (conceptualisation and elaboration of communication materials, event reports etc.) - Event organisation (concepts, logistics)

Key subjects

Human Rights - Migration - Judicial Reform - Promotion of Innovation - Economic Reforms - Employment Promotion


inter alia GIZ headquarters - GIZ Tunisia - GIZ Algeria - GIZ Regional Programme "Good Governance, Maghreb" - GIZ National Employment Pact, Egypt - GIZ Brussels
Various short term missions worldwide

Design, Implementation and Management of Development Projects